Hi, My name is Clint Herring. I am the creator of Headcase Designs. I do all the artwork from the initial design to the final pinstripe.

In 1996 I created Headcase Designs for several reasons. The first two are my passion for racing and art. The third, the desire to help people get those high quality paintjobs only a select few are able to afford. I can keep your costs down because I do all the helmet work myself. Just because our prices are so low, does not mean the quality of the paintjob is any less. It is just an effort to allow everyone the same opportunity for a custom paintjob regardless of their budget.

Our prices are set but not limited to the small racer's budget. Mainly for those racers, who don't have a thousand bucks for a paintjob. My experience (or lack there of) has come from doing paintjobs for my friends and other people I have encountered over the many years I have been a fan of motor racing.

Headcase Designs goal is simple… To paint quality helmet art for fellow racers, and the general public at an affordable price. So, please feel free to browse our site and hope to hear from you in the near future…

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